It’s easy to install a piece of ventilation equipment and think no more of it.

The installation has happened, and it is performing as it should be. A well installed ventilation system should operate well, but, like anything, which is designed to protect the health of the workforce, proper planned maintenance and servicing is vital if you want to ensure that it continuously works as well today as it did on the day it was first installed. Ventilation systems can often have their lifespan extended if maintenance is regular, which is often just a case of pre-planning.

Top 5 Reason why it pays to have PPM (Pre Planned Maintenance)

  1. It is cost effective to the Customer – If regular PPM is carried out this can help eliminate the costs of reactive maintenance call outs. Reactive maintenance call out costs can be expensive for a number of reasons, engineer availability, out of hours or sourcing of parts at short notice, which in themselves can become expensive to get hold of. A PPM visit can identify possible future problems and items can be sourced and ready for replacement.
  2. Prolongs the life of the plant – Having a PPM schedule has proved that breakdowns should become fewer. Regular changing of filters and drive belts helps to reduce the strain put on electric motors. If filters are left to block with debris there is a possibility of them collapsing and debris affecting other items such as coils. These themselves will then become blocked. There may be a number of items that also require lubrication. The failure of one item inevitably leads to the deterioration of another item.
  3. Loss of Production – In some instances an unplanned breakdown or poor performing plant can result in the loss or reduction of production. The working environment can be come unpleasant with heat and fumes. PPM can help to reduce these losses. It may also be time consuming for a member of staff to undertake the sourcing and ordering of required service parts. With a PPM contract this can all be taken care of for you.
  4. Performance – As in all cases, if something is well looked after it generally performs better, producing the best output possible. All items of plant are designed to a specific duty. Keeping things in tip top condition will help sustain these duties as much as possible.
  5. It is all organised for you! – Having a PPM schedule planned for you removes all pressure from a company. There is no need for members of staff to know the workings of items of plant. The PPM team will provide an in-depth investigation of the building, making note of all rooms/areas and plant that need maintaining and what parts need to be ordered. All visits can then be arranged at a time to suit the customer.